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Hello Beauties!

So it's been a while, and boy have I missed the blogging sphere. Without getting into too much detail, let's just say I've officially been inducted into the adult world and it has signed off my spare time in return. Anyways, I'm so glad to get back into the swing of things. For a while there, I was getting worried that I lost the will power and inspiration to blog and all that fun stuff. The one important thing having a 9 to 5 job has made me realize is that this part of my life is way too valuable for me to lose. So here I am - ready for this new chapter in The Shipra Diaries saga. (wow, that was cheesy)

I didn't really know what to share as my "back in business" post, but after much contemplation and staring at a messy room for a few months I figured it out. The biggest perk of having a 'real world' job is that bi-weekly paycheck, and for someone who is finally reaping the benefits of their hard work after so many years, it was about time that I indulged a little and spoiled myself. In these past few months, I have pretty much gifted myself with all the items I just eyed and secretly hoped to acquire when I was living in the dark ages of a broke college student. I have been lucky enough to have parents that have always given me whatever I wanted, within reason. However, as a twenty-three year old engineering graduate, it's time that I take the responsibility of providing for my own indulgence. So, with each purchase, the pile of crap (not literal, eww get your mind out the gutter) corner of my room kept growing into a mountain of stuff. My mom was getting anxiety attacks every time she walked into my room. I kept losing things in that pile. My dad was probably just hoping I would clean up my room really fast so he could stop hearing my mom complaining. After all these parties finally lost it, I decided it's time to clean my room, but, since I already have all these things out, I should also do a haul video/post while I'm at it.

So here it goes. I now have a little more hard earned money, which means I can buy the things I want. Comprende? What I still do not understand is why people are taking it upon themselves to call out my "financial irresponsibility"? Calm down, my money is no one else's business except mine. People are so quick to judge you when you buy all these things, but then vice versa will talk smack when you cannot afford certain things either. I have a stable job, a college degree, and I know what I am doing with my finances. Don't get me wrong, I could live without all these things (I really hate that word - things), but at the same time what's wrong with treating yourself? I'm a recent college graduate, new to this adult world, and frankly I have no idea what the hell I am doing. I am figuring it all out one step at a time. I do not need thirty different people coming at me with advice on how I should live. I know my financial limits and my restraints. If I really did not give any f's about saving my money, I would have bought every item in Sephora by now, but that only happens in my dreams.

What brings on this rant? I'm glad you asked. Today I was having a conversation with someone who kept telling me that I am wasting too much money and time on my blogging. He also said "you are putting way too much money into makeup and clothing." Cool, thanks for this unwanted advice. When I mentioned how what he said can apply to his video game collection as well, he said that's different because "those items help him grow as an individual". Huh? I am still trying to wrap my head around that hypocritical statement. Everyone's choice of a hobby is different. Some people like sports, some like to travel, some like to blog, and some like to play video games. To each it's own. What he supposedly gains from video games is what I gain from this blog. I love fashion and beauty. It's not because I am vain, but because it's my escape. Fashion, season to season, is how I comprehend and remember time and history. When someone mentions the 90s, I immediately think back to my days wearing loud print oversized sweaters, printed leggings, and velcro light up sneakers. Through these 'useless' items, I am able to escape the monotony of everyday life. All in all, I wanted to share this with you because I want people to let others live on their own terms. What's it to you how someone chooses to spend their money? Live and let live, people. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

I have a few friends who have also voiced similar concerns of others nagging them about their financial habits and hobbies. To these friends I say, pay no mind to those people. Only do what you think is right. If you do need to seek advice from someone, then only go to the people you full heartedly trust: parents, siblings, other family members, best friends, teachers, etc. If you sit here trying to follow through with every piece of advice you receive, you will be one unhappy person. Plus you know what they say, haters gonna hate. So in the words of T-Swift, "shake it off, shake it off."

Wow that was a long rant. Here's what you came to this post for - a list of all the cool stuff I have and where I got it from.

Top 1: Lauren by Ralph Lauren white long sleeved blouse (
Top 2: Liz Clairborne gray jeweled blouse (
Top 3: Worthington white and black lace blouse (
Top 4: Worthington red peplum (
Top 5: Liz Clairborne deep plum blouse (
Top 6: DKNY Jeans velvet black blouse (
Top 7: Rafaella black asymmetrical blouse (
Top 8: Liz Clairborne white rhinestone button up blouse (
Dress 1: Charlotte Russe Beige midi dress (
Dress 2: Charlotte Russe Black midi dress (
Blazer 1: Charlotte Russe Black cape blazer (
Jacket 1: Ellen Tracey deep plum jacket (
Jacket 2: Calvin Klein black military style jacket (
Sweater 1: Karen Scott Lavender sweater (
Sweater 2: Forever XXI beige heavy knit sweater (
Sweater 3: Old Navy dusty pink knit sweater (
Sweater 4: Karen Scott Black poncho sweater  (
Jacket 3: JCPenney hunter green color jacket (
Vest 1: Context Black Faux Fur Vest (
Hat 1 and 2: (
Blanket Scarf: (
Necklace 1: 3 chain dangling necklace (
Bracelet 1: Handmade pearl bracelet (Downtown Miami market place)
Bracelet 2: Alex and Ani Miami Bracelet in gold (
Bracelet 3: Alex and Ani Color Infusion Path of Life Bracelet in gold (
Fit Bit Flex in Black (courtesy of the parental unit)
Ray Bans black prescription sunglasses (LensCrafters, courtesy of the parental unit)
Purse 1: Dusty Pink Small crossbody bag (
Purse 2: Big multi colored bag (
Shoes 1: over the knee black boots (
Shoes 2: Over the Knee Black mirrored heel boots (
Shoes 3: Dress Barn black chunky heel booties
Shoes 4: Charlotte Russe mirrored heel booties (
Shoes 5: BCBG taupe python heels (



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