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As the years go by, the climate of the Northeast United States becomes more bipolar than my fourteen year old self was. One day it's a hypothermia inducing negative degree temperature, and then the next day it's a 'tan' inducing smoldering hot degree temperature. I feel like Mother Nature is just sitting there going "Things need to be a little more exciting, so let me hit these Earthlings with temperatures from every season all in one week." (Because that's totally how weather and the climate works, and I also totally stole that from a meme I can no longer find). There's no winning, honestly. But hey, around this time in the past few years, we were experiencing the Polar Vortex and record breaking cold temperatures. So any glimpse of warm weather is definitely not something to complain about. Although it's officially Spring, I have yet to experience a full week of it. Despite everything, there's just something about this season that captivates me. I fall victim to Spring Fever like no other. After getting your life sucked out of you in the Winter, Spring is the time to reinvent yourself and start fresh. SIDE NOTE: For the politicians still saying climate change and global warming are fiction, come live in the Northeast for a year. You'll completely change your stance on that issue within a week.

So, along with some house Spring cleaning, I'm doing some spring cleaning in my personal life. I truly believe that this is the best way to focus on yourself. For the past few posts, I've been talking about figuring out life, growing up, etc. However, I never really talked about how I'm going to do any of those things. The only way you can reinvent your life is by focusing on yourself. Especially for young adults, it is very important to always put yourself first. You know how they say "self-love is the best love." Well, that's true. Along with the cold temperatures and your winter clothing, pack away all your negative thoughts and practices. Engage yourself in a positive outlook of life.  I have set a few personal goals that I want to accomplish by the end of the spring and summer seasons. These goals range from becoming a healthier individual, writing more, surrounding myself with positive people, keeping my room clean every day, and just finding the time to do the things I love. These are all pretty simple but still very important. By setting personal goals and cleaning out the clutter in your life, it will really help you see things with a better perspective, which will, in return, help you reinvent yourself.

Although spring is one of my favorite seasons, the beginning days are full of style confusion. I never know if it will be hot or cold (cue Katy Perry). On one confusing Spring day like that, I figured out the best hybrid outfit that I thought I would share with you all. I hope you all like the outfit!

Top: Lauren by Ralph Lauren white long sleeved blouse (www.lordandtaylor.com)
Vest: Context Black Faux Fur Vest (www.lordandtaylor.com)
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger from Macy's 
Booties: Dress Barn
Bag: www.aldoshoes.com
Necklace: www.forever21.com
Sunnies: www.forever21.com

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Have an amazing Spring!
Much love to you all, 

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