Eid Makeup Tutorial and Combating Islamophobia || TSD Beautybook Chapter VI


First and foremost, Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating! I hope you all have a joyous and blessed holiday!

I know makeup and Islamophobia are in no way related, but by creating a makeup look for Eid I wanted to bring attention to this very pressing matter. I am a practicing Hindu, and I have a lot of belief in my faith. With that being said, I also celebrate and respect other religions. I just cannot fathom how someone with differing views has to be treated with hate and spoken about with an ignorant mindset. I may not agree with all the values and customs Islam holds, but I do not hate nor disrespect the religion. I have said this once before, and I will say it again and again, until it registers...LIVE AND LET LIVE!

Whenever terror strikes a region that is more "Westernized", news outlets cover every minor detail about the event. What results is an outcry of public support, widespread social media campaigns and pledges, and guaranteed conversations about the unfortunate event. Then why does this same reaction not happen when people of Muslim countries undergo the same series of unfortunate events? How many of you truly know what happened in Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, and in Saudi Arabia (at the holiest Islamic state - the Medina) this weekend? The Islamic State's militant forces inhumanely terrorized and murdered many innocent individuals at these locations....innocent individuals of the same religion they are "advocating" for, supposedly. The fact of the matter is that these terrorists are not in any way representative of the Islamic religion. They are monsters who prey on the innocent, driven by greed and the need for power. They want people to fear Islam, because that fear spews hate; and the more hate they cultivate, the more terror they unleash. As educated and aware members of society, we must NOT associate the Islamic State with the Islamic religion. They are mentally depraved terrorists, end of story.

No one, no matter the race or religion, should be victimized by terrorists. Pain has no boundaries. It is felt in the same way no matter who you are. When we hate someone based off of a generalization and assumption, we are only adding to the problem. If you don't know what Islam is about, educate yourselves on it. Don't hate members of Islam just because you don't know about the religion. By bashing someone's beliefs and furthering the circle of victimization of innocent people, you are not helping any cause. As a society, we need to focus on conversations, such as gun regulations, radicalization, mental health, and education of different cultures and religions. Once we focus on solutions that will provide lasting results, the hate and despair will vanish.

As Muslims all around the world celebrate Eid, let's take the opportunity to stand with the innocent Islamic population. Your pain is no less than our pain. Eid Mubarak. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay blessed.

Much love to you all, 

Forever & Always, 

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