The Style Score || TSD Fashion Lookbook Chapter XIV


Hello loves!

If you aren't already tired of me ranting about being an adult and figuring out the real world, stay tuned. If you are, still stay tuned because I promise it will be good. Unfortunately, as many recent grads enter the "real world", we have a hard time balancing work and play. We start to back away from our passions and interests and engulf our lives in creating a career. As you all know, I began to get tired of just living to work and wanted to change my life to a "work to live" philosophy. After voicing this concern about how our generation is struggling to enjoy life, a close friend of mine shared the same sentiment. That's when we decided we no longer wanted to back away from living our lives. We also share a love for fashion. Combining our love to discover the world and our love for fashion, we created The Style Score. 

The Style Score will showcase all our favorite fashion trends and how they relate to our current interests or adventures. We will explore everything ranging from street style to the latest trends. Since you already know about me, I want you all to meet the other founder of The Style Score, my close friend Loveleen. 

Loveleen is the type of girl that everyone wants to be friends with. She is sweet to the core and loves to look at the positive in everything. She loves Bollywood and Bhangra, and has helped me be more open for my love of the Indian culture. During any dance off, she will probably win. I can always count on her to be a complete fatass/foodie with me one day and then push me to go to the gym the next day. 

I'm so glad I met her last year. We are both at the same stage of our lives, and have practically lived parallel lives. If there's anything I value in this one year of official adulthood is that I met friends that will probably be in my life for forever, and Loveleen is one of those friends. 

Here's a glimpse of our first fashion score. At the moment we are currently obsessed with the new Bollywood song Kala Chashma so we did a photoshoot inspired by it! Shout out to our amazing beautiful friend Drashti who joined in on this shoot! 

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Much love to you always, 

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