The Adventures of a Blogger in Paradise, 2014: Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Grand Turk {Part One}

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If you follow me on social media, you know that this past May I vacationed on the Carnival Splendor cruise ship and traveled to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Grand Turk. What a great way to kick off Summer 2014! I have been on several vacations in my lifetime, but I have never been to a tropical area. I, kid you not, I fell in love. The Caribbean is so beautiful. There is a spell of relaxation running through the air on the islands. Ever since I came back, I have been secretly planning a trip back to the tropics. After taking a lunge in Dante's burning inferno this past school year, I desperately needed this vacation. For the first time in a long time, I could just relax and clear out all the stress and tension within me. I knew I had a lot of work to do when I got back, but for those eight days, I escaped into my nirvana.

Taking off from the NYC port


Our first stop of the cruise was Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. What a beautiful island it is! The culture, architecture, history is so rich and colorful. My family and I went on a walking tour of Old San Juan and learned about all the history of the island. The fifth grader history geek in me was having a blast learning about all the history of Puerto Rico and how it was connected to the Colonial ages.

Port in Puerto Rico!


This island was by far my favorite! All we did was go to Meghan's Bay Beach, and, honestly, we had the time of our life. The water was beautiful. I had never seen the bottom of the ocean until I went to the beach in St. Thomas. You could swim for miles and still see the bottom. Swimming is my FAVORITE hobby. I was at so much ease just floating in the ocean and looking at the clear blue sky. Another great thing about these Caribbean islands was the fact that shopping was tax and duty free! St. Thomas was everything I had imagined Paradise to be.

View from the cruise ship at the port

Meghan's Bay Beach

View from the top of a mountain

The last and final island we ported at was Grand Turk. It was such a small, yet incredibly fun island. In Grand Turk, there is a cabana bar called Margaritaville and many other wonderful beach bars. So, the whole time we were there, we just reveled in the blue ocean, got our tans on, went shopping, and drank. All in all, I had a great time just lounging around the beach and drinking.

[Side Note] The food on the cruise was delish! 

There is so much more I want to share about my short stay in Paradise! However, since there are a lot of things related to this vacation, I will be splitting up my posts. This is just the first part, and it's just a glimpse. The second part will be a cruise lookbook and haul; the third part will be a traveling essentials guide, and the last part will be a skincare/hairstyle guide for a cruise.

Stay tuned!

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Much love to you all!!

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