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Lush products have proven to be a crowd favorite in the past few years. Ever since more people have been favoring an eco-friendly/natural lifestyle, companies like Lush have gained immense popularity. I have been a lover of their products for years now. However, I can now honestly say, besides for a few face masks, there products are more of just a fad that I'm slowly now getting over. Don't get me wrong, I still love the company and everything it stands for, I just don't see it doing much for my skin and hair anymore. So, when I picked up these two products I'm reviewing, I was very skeptical about them.

I picked up the jumping juniper shampoo bar and the American cream conditioner. I have never used a shampoo bar ever before so this was an experience in itself. I have to say I did thoroughly enjoy using a bar instead of liquid shampoo. It was different, yet unknowingly satisfying. Off the bat, both products smelled absolutely amazing. Even if they weren't to do much for my hair, I knew my hair would at least smell fantastic. My hair is very oily and curly. Also, recently, I have had more thinning and flat hair than ever before. So, when I walked into the Lush store in my mall, I told the sales associate about my hair condition. She sold me on these two products (FYI Lush employees really are the best sales representatives I have ever seen)! The Jumping Juniper shampoo bar sold for $10.95, and the American Cream conditioner was $9.95 for the smallest size.

The Jumping Juniper shampoo bar claims to be "herbal hair magic to transform oily hair." With a catch phrase like that, who wouldn't want to try it out? What this bar claimed to do was what exactly I needed. I needed a shampoo that was naturally derived to be able to remove the oil and sebum build up. It's key ingredients are juniperberry oil and lemon/lime extracts. Honestly, the first two times I used this shampoo, I found my hair in amazing condition. It wasn't oily, yet it was still soft and shiny. It was a little drying when I first used it, but the conditioner application solved that issue. Unfortunately, the effects of this shampoo did not last after 3 or 4 washes, which was really disappointing. The more I used the bar, the more dried out my hair got. I even tried using it only once a week and using another shampoo for the other days I washed my hair, but that still didn't work. If only the shampoo didn't lose it's effect, I would totally have been hooked for life. The only thing good that lasted for this shampoo was the scent! Boy did my hair smell fantastic!

The other product I received was the American Cream conditioner. This conditioner is a "fresh strawberry conditioning cocktail". It has honey for softening, lavender oil for clarifying, and oranges to keep hair calm. The only reason I bought this was because the sales representative spoke so highly about it. Initially this conditioner weighed my hair down a lot, like a lot. However, after time, I started noticing my hair being really soft and it stopped being so weighed down by the conditioner. Unlike the shampoo bar, the conditioner didn't please me until a few washes. However, by the end of the bottle, it became one of my favorite conditioners.

So are these products worth the hype? The shampoo bar....maybe, and the conditioner....DEFINITELY! For the shampoo bar, it definitely won't be a re-purchase for me since the effects of the bar didn't last long for me. However, you may be a different case. Each person has their own set of outcomes when it comes to using a product. You can try it, and maybe the effects will last. Just be open to the fact that it didn't for me. In terms of the conditioner, if you can brave out 1 or 2 washes of your hair feeling heavy and weighed down, this conditioner will be life-changing! It was definitely a re-purchase for me.

All in all, I would give the shampoo bar a 2.5 out of 5

and the conditioner a 4.5 out of 5!

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