#TSDGirlPower Series || Chapter I: Roshni Chohan


Womanhood - it's one of the biggest oxymorons of a female's life. In a world where (most) women are told to celebrate the beauty that lies in being a female, there are still many hindrances holding back on this celebration. We have reached a generation where women are increasingly bypassing men, but not all women are appreciated for these successes. In a time where one of the greatest countries in the world is about to elect their first female president, there still exists innumerable crimes against women. These range from the more severe honor killings, forced marriages, domestic abuse to the downgrading of women in the working world and the lack of opportunities for education. Where many communities and cultures have advanced in giving women the respect and freedom they have the inalienable right to, there are many groups of people who still possess the same archaic views for women that many of our very distant ancestors held. In an attempt to shed light on the troubles, disrespect, and oppression that women face all around on the world, I am beginning this series that hopes to empower men and women to treat each other with respect. Men, women - no gender is greater than the other, no matter what you tell yourselves. This series will focus on accounts of inspirational women who have fought through great lengths, hatred, and oppression to accomplish their dreams. 

To start off this series, I will be sharing the story of Roshni Chohan (Roshni's twitter). I came to know Roshni and become friends with her when this unknown man began this personal vendetta against her on Twitter. He criticized her career choice of singing. He attacked her self-esteem. He pointed a finger at her upbringing. He even promoted self - harm when he so boldly announced she's a disgrace because she's a singer. He never gave a reason for his absurd insults except that she is an Indian woman. As an Indian woman myself, I know, first handedly, that his claims that an Indian woman's only job is limited to being a dutiful housewife are completely disillusioned facts. I'm not denying that there is a portion of the Southeast Asian population that still believes this, but this generalization does not spread to the whole Desi population. 

Here are some examples of this man's attack (FYI - these are the lesser of the more harshly worded insults):

For more of this absurdness, check out his twitter.

Also, before I start, let me tell you about how he was originally catfishing this poor girl. I came to know about this when I showed my friend at work this ridiculous ordeal, and she pointed out that the picture he was using was of her friend's from NJ. (After being called out on that by me, he changed his DP).

Moving on, I know this guy is a troll. He probably has nothing better to do, and I hope that he finds a way to expel this hate from his heart. Freedom of speech and thought is very real, and I cannot, as a civilized, educated member of society, blame him for these views he holds. Although I, in no way, agree with them, I can't deny him of this freedom. Here is what I raise an issue on: his imposition of his views on the life of other women. If a woman wants to be a singer, GREAT! If she wants to be a doctor/lawyer/engineer, more power to her! If she wants to be a housewife, GO FOR IT! At the end of the day, this is her decision to make and hers alone - not her significant other's, family's, or friend's and especially not a stranger's. I've preached this before and I'm going to say it again - LIVE AND LET LIVE! When people begin to attack women with these superannuated views, it puts the fight for women equality back several steps. The only way we can stop that from happening is to not feed into people with these views, which I learned the hard way.

But this post isn't about this twitter troll, it's about Roshni Chohan, who after being harassed by a man she has never met on social media, never gave up on her dreams. In many ways, she is a modern day inspiration to Indian women all around. When you try to enter a career where criticism and downfalls come with the territory, it is hard to keep your head up high and keep going. That is exactly what Roshni did. She never let the views of one man deter her from following through with her singing goals. She acted with such grace, maturity and wisdom. She didn't give this person any importance by replying to him or trying to defend herself, which is something really hard to hold back on. Her self - control was completely astounding. If I was in her situation, I would have honestly launched a whole social media war against this person. If there is one thing I have learned from her is that, at the end of the day, hate can be dealt with by positive thinking and determination to succeed. So, let's all support this wonderful talent and help her accomplish her dream of becoming a successful singer! Check out her Youtube channel.

The ugly truth about life is that there will always be people who hate and carry oppressing, disrespectful views. We cannot change the world, but we can change the way we think and ourselves; and that will in turn one day change the world we live in!

With that being said, I leave you with this poem I wrote.

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Links to Roshni's social media profiles:
Roshni's Youtube
Roshni's Twitter

Remember to empower and respect one another, forever and always. 

Peace and love, 

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