Healthy Vegetarian Lunch Recipe: Healthy and Quick Alternative to Pizza


Who doesn't love pizza? It is one of America's most consumed meals, but are we masking the unhealthy factors of pizza behind its deliciousness? Pizza is a very easy meal to get. If you live in New York City, you know that there are several pizza places that sell you monster size slices for a dollar. That's a great deal, but it's time to not sacrifice your health ALL THE TIME. Go ahead and enjoy that slice of pizza once in a while, but if you are a daily pizza consumer, this recipe is a must try for you.


This recipe is only 350 calories. Preparation time is about 10 minutes.


 1 tbspn of hummus (I used Sabra Red Pepper Roasted Hummus)

1 whole wheat/whole grain tortilla (I used a Mission Life Balance Whole Wheat Medium Tortilla)
1 cup of spinach
0.5 cups of chopped yellow onions
1 baby red radish
2 tbspn of shredded fat free Monterey pepper jack cheese (I used Great Lakes Monterey pepper jack cheese with Jalapenos)
0.5 tspn of oregano


1. Thoroughly wash the spinach, peeled radish, and peeled onion.
2. Chop up the onion and radish.
3. On the tortilla wrap, add the spinach.
4. Then add the onions and radish.
5. Following that, add the cheese. (I couldn't find my shredder. So I just cut some up to the equivalent of what the recipe calls.)
6. Place the tortilla wrap in a toaster oven for about 5 minutes.
7. Once you take the tortilla out of the toaster oven, add the hummus and spread it across.
8. Sprinkle on some oregano.
9. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this quick, healthy alternative to pizza! If you try it out, comment on this post to let me know how it came out! Also please share/like me on all my social media sites to get updates on blog postings! Merci beaucoup!
Bon appétit, mes amis!

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