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Hello beautiful people!
If you are like me and grew up in the technologically savy generation, then you certainly realize the importance YouTube has had on our lives. Going through those splendid years of puberty in the 2000s, I didn't have to succumb to embarrassment as often as I expected. If I wanted to learn how to put on eyeliner or do my hair, I no longer needed to turn to my mother for help. Instead, I took comfort in the cyber world. Via YouTube, I learned many of my beauty/hair tricks. Ever since I remember, I have loved makeup. This can be attributed to my mom's love for cosmetic shopping and many years of dancing, where I had no choice but to wear tons and tons of makeup. One of my fondest memories was when I was three years old and my sister was just born, I went through all my moms lipsticks and made myself and all my barbie dolls over. A disaster, nonetheless, but that was the day my love for beauty sprouted. Fast forward several years. I remember it was 2007, the beginning of my freshmen year of high school. I was not allowed to wear an extensive amount of makeup. Actually, I was allowed to only wear eyeliner, and that was about it. I didn't even know how to wear it correctly. My mom taught me a way to wear it, but frankly, the way she wore eyeliner definitely did not suit me. I experimented myself. I went from having raccoon eyes to looking like the poster child of an 80s sitcom. Clearly, I had no idea what I was doing. So, like any other good fourteen year old, I turned to google for help. I searched "how to wear natural looking makeup" and I was redirected to Michelle Phan's youtube video (the link to which is here). I was mesmerized. A year or two went by and I still could not get enough. Then, I received my first CHI hair straightener for my 16th birthday. Yet again, I turned to YouTube and discovered Andreaschoice 70s Angel hairstyle video (the link to which is here). Thus sparked the fire for my YouTube fashion/beauty guru addiction.
It was the summer of 2009, and I even recorded a couple of my own videos, but never uploaded them for fear of being ridiculed by my peers. I also was constantly being told by school administrators and teachers that colleges can search everything online that has to do with you. At that time, I thought having these videos would decrease my chances of having a future. So not true. Whenever I made those videos, I felt a sudden rush of confidence that was oh so foreign to me at that time of my life. YouTube and my videos were my escape, but as my high school years went by, so did the suppression of my passion. That has to be my biggest regret. I always told myself that the quality of my videos are awful, nobody would watch them. Now when you look at gurus and their older videos, they all started from the beginning. No one really knew what they were doing or what would become of their videos when they first started. They uploaded videos because they enjoyed it, and that should be enough. I wish I uploaded them when I did, but, I promise you, by the end of this year I will clear my regrets and upload my videos.

Anyways, although there is still some time for me to appear on the YouTube beauty scene, I thought it would be cool to share with you my current favorite YouTube gurus. So, every week I will share a new and upcoming guru. We all know and love the legends: DulceCandy87, Andreaschoice, MichellePhan, Blair and Elle Fowler, and MacBarbie07, but we often forget that there are others out there as well. I recently came across Lauren aka GetglamwithLO's channel (her youtube channel is linked here). I happened to click on her How To Wear Bright Lips video (link is here), and soon I found myself having watched all her videos on her channel. What I love about her is that she is very relatable. She clearly loves what she is sharing, and that is what makes watching her videos a pleasure. She is new to YouTube, but appears to be a natural in all her videos. Her monthly favorites videos truly carry some great advice. She shows an incredible amount of great potential; she will surely find success through her videos. My favorite video of her's is one of her Get Ready with Me|Glowing Skin and Coral Lips video (the link is here). I love the look she created. It is so chic and perfect for the summer/spring. From must haves to favorites, from hair styles to get ready with me videos, she has it all. So if you are the hunt for something new and enjoyable on the beauty/fashion front of YouTube, check out her channel! Great job Lauren, can't wait to see what coming next!!

Lesson to be learned from this: never put down a passion of yours for the fear of what others might think. Anyways, I hope you enjoy her channel and let her know I sent you her way. Please comment/share and follow me on all my social media sites.


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