Summer 2013 Trends: The Return of the 90s


You are a 90s child if you grew up listening to the sweet sounds of boy bands, reveled in the viewing of TV teen/family sitcoms, and adorned yourself with the clothing of the modernizing world.  The 90s did not only give birth to the many luxuries that we enjoy today, but it also birthed a new fashion movement. With the rise in media, fashion was not only something a select few could enjoy, which is quite ironic because the 90s also gave rise to the "anti - fashion" or grunge movement. Anyways, it was something any Tom, Dick, and Harry could embrace. Who can forget the famous Rachel Green's (aka the lovely Jennifer Aniston's) haircut? Or Brittney Spears school girl and leather ensemble in her hits Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again? Or the Tanner girls ubiquitous scrunchie, the ultimate hair accessory? Or the overalls that was a staple fashion piece in shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Or Sabrina's eclectic style? Or the Spice Girls' British invasion and all the Union Jack clothing?The 90s had it all from sporty to preppy, ultra chic to grunge, neons to pastels, plaid to florals. Whatever it was, 90s fashion has left an impact on our generation. And I'm glad to say, it is back, well at least for now.

So, let's get right to it!
Here are my 6 favorites that have risen back up from the 90s graveyard!

1) JELLYS! Ah who can forget these. Jelly shoes were worn and loved by all, and now a decade later, they have made a comeback - with a modern twist.
Ultimate T

These Stella McCartney heel sandals are my favorite.

A Blast From The Past: The Return of Jelly Shoes

The fabulous Kourtney Kardashian is wearing a pair of Givenchy jelly sandals.

2) Leather
Leather pants do not only scream N'Sync and Lunchables, but they symbolized the end of the 90s fashion trends. And yes my friends, leather is back! This season, my favorite way to wear leather is as short skirts and shorts - the girls from Clueless would drool all over them.
This model is also wearing jelly heels with this short blue leather skirt.

Not only is this model bringing back leather, but she is bringing back that 90s anti - fashion, grunge motif.

3) Florals and plaid patterns. TOGETHER. This season patterns are taking a leap into the unconventional and joining forces. Who can forget Kelly (from Saved by the Bell) and her awesome floral pants? And Cher's (from Clueless) plaid yellow ensemble?
Floral jeans - saved by the bell                  

This is the offspring of Kelly's pants and Cher's plaid outfit. I present to you an original from the Nanette Lepore collection.

4) Overalls. I can almost guarantee you that if you had met me in elementary school, one day out of the week, I would definitely be wearing my pink overalls. I was beyond ecstatic to see this trend come back.

5) Holographic Attire.
Remember those holographic bags and clothing like these.

Well the 2013 version of this trend has arrived.

These are  from the Jonathan Saunders's Spring/Summer 2013 line.

This is a Meile Bianco clutch.

This is a Miista Zoe Oxford Shoe, from her 2013 Summer Collection.

6) Lastly, the good ole' crop top. The 90s pushed the boundaries by popularizing the crop top. Although it lost its momentum into the early 2000s, this trend is back with a bang.

This is from the Tibi Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Hope you guys all enjoyed this flashback to the 90s. 2013 has been the ultimate throwback year.

Stay fabulous!

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