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Hello my loves!

I'm back with another review! If you saw my last mega haul video (link), you know that I bought the Korres Sleeping Beauties trio this past December from Sephora. I have officially used it all up, and I wanted to share my thoughts about this product with you all.

When I first started using these creams, I was so incredibly in love with them. However, sadly, after a few months or so, I was not as heavily impressed with the trio as a whole. That's why I was glad that these came in travel size containers. So, the package came with three creams: Greek Yoghurt, Wild Rose and Black Pine. The Greek Yoghurt cream intended to provide nourishment to dull or dry skin. The Wild Rose cream is meant for brightening, and the Black Pine is a firming, lifting and anti-wrinkle cream. Initially, I couldn't choose which one to apply every night; so, I came up with a routine where, after all my other nightly treatments and skincare routine, I would apply the Black Pine one and then either the Greek Yoghurt or Wild Rose one, depending on my skin. If I had more dry skin, I'd apply the Greek Yoghurt, but if I had dull skin, I'd apply the Wild Rose. 

In the initial months of using these creams, my skin was so soft and rejuvenated when I woke up in the mornings. There was a noticeably healthier look to my skin, but after a while I stopped noticing that glow. I thought maybe my skin was not a fit for one of the three creams; so I started to only use one of them a night until I found out which one was the culprit. It was the Greek Yoghurt one. The Greek Yoghurt cream started burning my face a little when I put it on. It wasn't anything too severe, but it definitely irritated my skin and caused a lot of redness. I stopped using that one all together. Now, for the other two, I'm still in love with them. The Black Pine cream visibly has been lifting my skin up, and it is so refreshing. The Wild Rose really does a great job at brightening my skin in the places that my skin is dull. After I came back from Miami, I noticed that I had a little more pigmentation on my skin than I usually did (sunburn marks -_-). When I started using the Wild Rose cream, my skin tone was evening out, and I had more of a glow to my skin than I did before. 

The only issue I had with all three were that they all had a strong scent to them. I prefer my skincare items to be fragrance free or slightly scented. If this isn't an issue for you, I definitely recommend buying it. So, the box I bought was a travel size trio kit. You can buy the the regular sized individual creams from Sephora. I would not recommend the Greek Yoghurt one for anyone who has sensitive skin because it burned my skin a little. Also, know your skin type when purchasing these creams. 

All in all,

I would rank these as following:

Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial:

Wild Rose and Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial:

Black Pine Firming, Lifting and Anti-wrinkle Night Cream:

Much love to you all, 

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