Summer 2016 Street Style Trends || Sunday Style Segment Chapter I

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Style can be a hard thing to keep up with, when trends are changing at the speed of life. There's so much going on with the fashion world that it starts to get confusing. So, in an attempt to help out all my fashion fanatics out there, I am starting the Sunday Style Segment on my blog. I will detail all the latest fashion trends, the must haves, the style secrets of the industry, and much more. 

Scrolling through your insta feed, you'll see bloggers and influencers always dressed to impress. In reality, it's a hard job. As a fashion blogger, I know first hand the thought and process that goes into curating our style and outfits for our readers and followers. Every season has a new set of trends and secrets that define an individual's style, and today I will be sharing the Summer 2016 Street Style trends!

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Off the shoulder tops and dresses made their debut during last year's Spring and Summer seasons, but it wasn't until this Spring and Summer that it actually gained popularity. The horizontal neckline and different types of style that can be incorporated into the off - shoulder trend make this a crowd favorite. These tops and dresses can be dressed casually and formally as well. 


Dresses never follow one trend season to season. That's why I have chosen my 4 favorite styles for summer. The first is a body con, midi dress. These dresses embrace every curve and really show off a woman's shape. When choosing a midi dress, it's best to pick something in a neutral or basics color family. That will allow for you to be versatile with your outfits when wearing them. The second type of dresses are ones that have dainty straps, and the more straps the better. Two basic spaghetti straps are so the 2000s. This summer, the more straps, the better. A basic spaghetti strap dress with criss cross straps in the front and back give these basic dresses such an edgy look. If you have a style that's fun and pushes the boundaries, then this type of dress is perfect for you. The next type of dress is a bold color, shoulder cut out dress. These dresses are such statement dresses. With the little peak of your skin color, these dresses are sophisticated yet trendy. This dress is perfect for cocktail hours or weddings this summer. Lastly, we have the return of the 70's flair sleeve dresses. These dresses are so boho chic. The 70s were all about carefree style, and these dresses really add the element of effortless fun to any outfit.  

The two types of pants trending this summer are the culottes and paper bag style pants. Culottes have been a crowd favorite for the past few seasons, and they remain a favorite for this summer as well. When wearing culottes this summer, choose ones that are neutral, pastel, or light gray shades, and stay away from the darker colored ones. You can pair them with any basic white tee or crop top to make it a more fancier outfit. Moving on, next we have paper bag pants. I don't know why they have the name that they do, but these pants are so comfortable and fun. You can wear them to work, casually, or to a night out. The versatility of these pants really make them a favorite of mine. 
In terms of shoes, there isn't much that is different from last summer. Pointy toed flats are still trending, and honestly they are my favorite shoe trend. They are so classy, yet so chic that I love reaching for these in my outfits. The next are thick strapped flats. If you have a more casual, comfortable style, then these perfect for you. These shoes are great for anyone who's traveling or on their feet a lot this summer. The third pair of shoes trending this summer are thin strappy heels. These shoes are so sophisticated and stylish, but they tend to be a little uncomfortable. I would wear these for a night out or to any events you may be attending this summer. The last pair of shoes are for all you have love having fun with your style. These shoes are pom-pom shoes. The fun element of the pom-poms really add such an edgy, yet fun touch to any outfit.

I hope you all enjoyed this Summer '16 trend list. Stay tuned for next Sunday's Style Segment.

Much love to you all, 

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