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Last time I was in Washington DC, the world was a different place. Another man resided in the White House, and hope was very much alive. This was October 2016, when the race was nearing an end. The craziness we had witnessed that year was finally about to be over, or so we thought.

After everything that occurred, a part of me is very hesitant about visiting my sister in DC, which is what I do every month. It’s a combination of fear, sadness, and continued disbelief. No, this is something I can’t just “get over”, but it is something I’m trying to come to terms with and understand as reality. Looking back at these pictures from my sister’s last family weekend, I’ve come to realize one very important thing: Being aware of this new reality will be your driving force to bring the change you’d like to see.   Being aware of reality doesn’t mean you agree with it, but it does mean, as we put it today, that we are staying woke.

The day I took these outfit pictures, I was hopeful for a bright American future. I was hopeful that the country would put our differences aside and accept each other. I was hopeful that the country divide would close. I was hopeful that a legacy of greatness would continue. I was hopeful.

Today feels like an unknown world, and I have no idea what will happen. But there is one thing I am certain about, the hope I felt in October while in DC, I will not let that die.  

Booties | Tank: Can't remember but Similar Here | Jeans | Jacket | Purse | Choker (gift from my cousin) | Sunnies
Location: The Mall, Washington DC and Renwick Gallery, Washington DC

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