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Today as I was driving to work, I was listening to NJ 101.5 FM, which is a daily routine for me. I don’t necessarily always agree with everything said on Bill Spadea’s morning show, but I do like to open my mind to the traditional conservative stance he usually takes on the matters that affect us today. If you couldn’t tell already, I am a modern day Liberal. I strive to fight for the rights of people that can’t fight for themselves. I fight for socio-economic equality for all genders and races. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that all Liberals are your society’s heroes and that all Conservatives are your enemies. The fight is the same on both sides; I just agree more with the solutions posed on the left. But today, I’m not writing about my validation for being a Liberal.

March 8th 2017 is International Women’s Day. As a very proud woman, I have chosen to celebrate this Day and stand in solidarity with all women across the globe. When I left my house this morning, I stood extremely proud in my red attire, and, even though I am well aware wearing a certain piece of clothing doesn’t solve the problem, I felt like I was part of this initiative. However, I was quickly disheartened when I turned on the radio and listened to Bill Spadea talk about today. He brought up the event “Day Without a Woman”, an event in which many American women are participating on this International Women’s Day. In reference to this, he asked one simple question – is this event really helping anyone? He argued that the driving reason for this event, inequality in the workplace in terms of pay, is a myth. He further tried to debunk this notion of economic inequality, while portraying this event for only “privileged feminists”. That sickened me.

On this day, when women join hands and rally for the equality of each other,  it hurt that such a prominent figure would degrade the events of today. Frankly, I don’t know if this one event or wearing red will help, but it’s starting the conversations of propelling us in the direction of change. Today is so much more than fighting for equal pay. It’s a day not only for American women and the problems we face, but it’s a day for all women across the globe. Today we aren’t only fighting for equality in the workplace, but we are also fighting to change a society that pushes women into thinking they are always inferior to men in the workplace. Today we are fighting for those women in the STEM industry who have to prove that they are equally competent of being engineers and scientists just as their male peers. Today we are fighting for all those little girls who had to cut their education short or who never received one because they live in a society where girls are only seen as housewives and mothers. Today we are raising our voices for women who are constantly put down or degraded because they are not as strong or smart as men. Today we are fighting for the girls who have had their childhoods stolen by becoming child brides and sex slaves. Today we are fighting for those women who are ridiculed for balancing families and their careers. Today we are fighting for those girls who want to play football in school but can’t because that is a boy’s sport. Today we are fighting against a society that limits the power of women to mere sexual objects created for the pleasure of men. Today we are also fighting for the women who own and are confident with their sexuality, but who are often told that women cannot be sexual. Today is the day we are fighting for all aspects of a woman’s struggle.

By trying to debunk the “mysterious” wage gap today, you are opening up a window for people to throw out the other causes women are fighting for today.  Just as the evidence sited in today’s show suggests the wage gap is a myth, there are many other case studies out there that suggest it is very real. I recommend you do your own research on this matter and come to your own conclusions.  Also, since today is International Women’s Day and not just American Women’s Day, we are fighting for equal pay for women in every country not just our own. Today is about so much more than just money. It’s about respecting all women no matter what. It’s about not degrading them. It’s all about women empowerment. Not all women will have the luxury to strike today; so those “privileged feminists” will be striking for the sisters who can’t. Today is our day. Whichever way you feel you can make a difference, take that route and keep going. Today women have increased equality compared to our ancestors who first fought for women equality, but there is still a long way to go. Just as our ancestors fought for our lives, we must stand up today for our daughters and granddaughters of the future.

To all the women of the world, keep fighting until every female can stand shoulder to shoulder with all men, confidently and proud. 

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