Global Warming || Wearing a Summer OOTD in Winter


I don’t want to get political because then I’ll just be another distressed Liberal Millennial talking about the outlandish phenomenon known as climate change aka global warming. For those who don’t believe in climate change and who do not want to look at the scientific proof around it, I’m hoping this post will be up  your realm of comprehension in understanding there is something up with Earth.

Here I am wearing an outfit best suited for Spring or Summer in New Jersey in February. Traditionally, February is a month where people are bundled head to toe because it’s supposed to be freezing. The past few Februarys, however, we hit temperatures in the late 60s/early 70s. It’s unreal I was able to wear this outfit in FEBRUARY. Something is definitely wrong with the planet – I wonder what it could be? Maybe if our President wasn't proposing the elimination of International Climate Change programs, we would probably be able to figure out what's going on with the weather. 

Details: Dress || BCBG Shoes || Kate Spade Bracelet || Jacket || Ray Ban Sunnies || Vintage Purse

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